We are the engineering for:

Project management and client representation

Effective project management facilitates superior solutions, reduces risks and unnecessary costs. We cover your projects with dedication and represent your interests responsibly.

Factory and
Industrial Planning

A factory must meet a large number of requirements and criteria to provide the basis for the economic fulfilment of your goals and processes.

Process engineering and plant construction

Process engineering develops new methods and also optimises existing ones and manufacturing processes. As a complementary discipline, plant construction creates the mechanical engineering prerequisites so that processes can be applied under industrial conditions.

Lean management

Lean management is the order of the day – and the approach that will ensure your future competitiveness.

Chemical services

Competent chemical support in your projects.

Qualification and validation

Qualification and validation are a challenge in regulated environments – we support you through each and every phase.

Logistics development

Intralogistics – the organisation, control, implementation and optimisation of the flow of goods and materials within the company premises.

Automation and digitisation

Digitisation opens up undreamt-of possibilities. Coordinating the real terms requirements and clarifying the economic efficiency of partial and complete solutions remain central to the process.

Operational support / interim management

Orienting the company in a strategically intelligent way is the prerequisite for achieving your goals. However, the business itself generates the real added value. Guaranteeing the provision of services must therefore be the highest priority.


As a smaller company, we offer our customers a reliable partnership with familiar faces.

We aim to understand your goals and requirements and translate them into intelligent, sustainable solutions by fulfilling the necessary conditions. We are technically well-versed, creative and professional, and understand how processes are developed or enhanced. This applies to production and logistics facilities as well as infrastructures and organisations. We deal with social challenges at the same time, for example in the form of change management.