We can support you professionally in the following sectors:


We cover project management, engineering and process services for production equipment and infrastructure facilities. At the same time, we support production departments with lean management approaches in order to increase the performance of facilities.


Biotechnology is the science that deals with the technical use of biological systems and living organisms and their metabolic products. Cape7 supports all the phases of development, procurement and qualification / validation of biopharmaceutical plants of conventional or single use technology.

Food industry

Development and realisation of process engineering plants consisting of single steps and machinery such as fermenters, reactors, extraction plants, separation, filtration and drying systems etc.


Cosmetic formulations can be more complex than expected. At the same time, the pressure to innovate creates a high rate of development and introduction of new products. Cape7 guides companies on their path to more efficient value creation.

Chemical industry

Cape7 has years of experience in handling discontinuous and continuous processes from liquid and bulk handling, dosing and conveying systems, mixers, reactors, filters, filling and packaging equipment etc. to the final product.

Non-regulated industries

Industrial planning – or the question of how your processes can be implemented in such a way that results in a high degree of efficiency in the provision of services with minimised logistics expenditure. Cape7 offers itself as a reliable partner who supports you through all the phases of a new building or rebuilding project.


Humans are relationship-oriented beings.
Cooperation and team-oriented work thus have the attraction that different people and personalities and their experiences and competences can be brought into a project. This demonstrably leads to better results, provided that the project is also managed in a socially convincing manner. We attach great significance to effective, positive cooperation and to ensuring meaningful communication.