cape7 engineering services is an independent engineering company that was founded in 2009 in Küsnacht.
A branch was opened in the Technopark Winterthur, which was relocated to Dübendorf in 2016.

The company’s first assignments were in the food and chemical industries. These were followed by projects in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and cosmetics industries. This was also when the company took on its first factory and industrial planning projects.

We use our collective and developed experience to offer support in every phase of lean management. The importance of this part of the range of services has been increasing in recent times. This has significantly increased the profitability of various sub-sectors and companies. cape7 has also been covering chemical developments and services since 2016. cape7 has successfully carried out projects in the field of developments in inorganic chemistry. The company also has specialists in organic chemistry.

Time management – representing a plant manager’s position, for example – has been part of our portfolio since 2019.

We are working on being able to offer our own machinery and systems for the pharmaceutical industry in the future.

We see ourselves as a smaller, flexible company offering a broad range of tailored services that support customers efficiently and competently.
The market focus is on German-speaking Europe.