Occupational health and safety

The Trend in Occupational Accidents in Switzerland is Declining

Nevertheless, 1800 serious accidents, 170 disabilities, and 14 deaths per year (SUVA) are far from satisfactory. Apart from the human suffering, legal proceedings, lost workdays, and medical costs take a toll. Thus, prevention in occupational safety and health protection is worthwhile.

The legal regulations for occupational safety and health protection in Switzerland are quite comprehensive. In addition, SUVA has established rules and recommendations.

Cape7, in addition to its technical focus, now has a specialist who can support your company in pragmatically implementing the relevant requirements. As a former technical and production manager trained in occupational safety and health protection, he brings practical experience from the process industry in the areas of Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment (QHSE), and has successfully led various projects in the industry. This includes the following areas:

  • Accident Prevention and Management
  • Training and Awareness
  • System Optimization
  • Project Management in Safety Matters
  • Fire and Explosion Protection
  • Liaison with Authorities

Besides appropriate facilities, safe work processes, SOPs, and protective equipment, embedding occupational safety into the company culture is crucial. Providing adequate training, conducting regular safety audits and inspections, and adhering to established safety standards and procedures are part of this. This ensures that you create a safe and healthy work environment for your employees.

And last but not least, health and safety in the workplace must also be a team effort. It requires discussion, awareness, and ultimately personal responsibility when dangerous situations arise.